Who ‘You’ Are ?!

Before writing up this piece, I would like to ask Have you ever wondered who you are & why you are that ?! Ever thought had not this, what else would you be ?!

Honey, Ain’t you more than an overfilled glass of responsibilities? or may be more than a struggled breath? Are you not more than a 9-5 ? More than an encumbered thought? Or a restrained mess !?

You my love is more than who you think you ARE !

This reminds me of girl ,Dr. Miara, A beautiful soul who was born with a dream in her eyes! Dream to be a Dancer! Hopes and aspirations of her parents made one doctor and scotched a dream of a born dancer. Later she got married! Things magnified as she was now a gentle wife, good daughter in law and a hurry up cook ! Finally Miara became a mother. While treating her patients, thoughts to change her daughter’s dippers to dinner menu’s often struggled her mind. Now Miara is a successful daughter ,wife & mother but did anyone bother about What Miara always wanted to be.

No! I tell you why, because Miara didn’t bother about herself. Sometimes we entangle ourselves in a shell and forget our own souls. Like Miara ,there are various cricketers, singers, painters who died an anonymous death!

We are running a race today to create a magnanimous tomorrow and tomorrow is an uncertainity! we are running a race against our own selves and our own desires, desires we aren’t even acquainted with.

My Dear Reader, just sitback and Relax ! for life is not a race but a beautiful journey. At times it is okay to be alone, to spend time with our selves, to travel solo , to act weird, to look at a window side with a glass of wine and wonder what are we upto . You might continue with the same things as you have been doing, but then you wouldn’t be the same person anymore and that my dear would change everything.

With love,












We all have different shades of us, there is always an inner self hidden in us that keeps us moving and inspiring.Blogging was never handpicked by me.it was chosen by a girl inside.the girl i am going to tell you about!


There is a little girl in my mirror and she thought to recite a story, a story that will inspire each one of you, a story every ‘she’ can relate with, a story beyond just words and a story of LIFE.

She !

She who had a golden sight,

Who lived a dream where odds were right

She who always grew reading chapters,

Where trust was beyond five letters

and Half Truths were almost lies.

Lately she grew, now she finally knew

Like everything that shines isn’t gold,

Her myth was unreal, so frivolous, so cold

She deciphered the real art of hypocrisy,

Dream was over, drowned her ecstasy.

Quitely, she screamed, ran and cried

Torned and trembled with a hope so dead

Hey it’s not over, if there is no good in the end

An angel whispered to her, once said.

She wore a lipstick and thought to narrate

Battle of the TRUST and HOPE, written in her fate

She gathered the puzzle & flew up so high

She is now her HERO, the QUEEN of her LIFE!

                                             ~ J. T