A Belief so Blindfolded !

At dusk I pen down these thoughts.

Wondering why I believe what I can’t see

Why I deny what I indeed feel.

These godmen proclaiming ‘messengers of lord’

exert rape as soul purification

spreading love as molestation

Should I search for you in the Gita, the Bible or the Quran

In the words of Godmen, or deep down in my heart.

And question you, Oh God! now where you are?

How do I seek, what I don’t know

How do I make peace if I can never know

How do I pray if you don’t exist

How do I not break if the tunnel ends in only more darkness

We appeal peace, by condemning violence

We appeal love, by unfurling hatred

we demand GOD, by treasuring DEMON

faith and foolishness,

so hand in hand

a Belief so Blindfolded,

needs a stand

These MSG or any godmen how do i blame,

Dear Lord, the universe has put you in shame.

and here i afraid,

We can never be one nation, divided by many gods!!

With Love



One Another Nirbhaya!!

What more upsetting?

Or after Silence?

How are we going to deal with another rape? With another molestation . A walk with some candles? Or a debate on a reputed news channel ?
Tell me How? Look around , a girl you know today might be one such Nirbhaya tomorrow.
Till when would i constantly be asked to cover the naked part of my bare body. Till when i’d keep a check of your staring eyes on my body.
‘Don’t go out, its too late,, don’t wear skimps, it’s not safe’ till when am i going to listen to all this?


I am NIRBHAYA (A person who doesn’t fear).
A women has a capacity to produce another life out of her Vagina. Your dick can’t hurt her! Do you even know what rape is? it ain’t physical ! had it been , it would have been easy! , its soul intense. Because it shut me. it shut my mind. it shut my soul.
I couldn’t look anyone straight in the eye, I was scared moving alone anywhere, I felt dirty hands over my breast almost every time.
Till yesterday i was happily married wife ,a mother of  a beautiful angel and today i am a another raped women who’s just being talked about. My beautiful princess who ‘was’ no elder than 7 months. What did she do? Voice of her laughter is now replaced with screams of helplessness
At first i didn’t even speak about it. When i did , it worsen. They asked me to keep shut. else the stereotypical society will look at me with a different eye.
No one will bother the hurt, but they will bother about the clothes i was wearing, or what made me roam outside midnight as if it was my fault.
This time they killed my daughter too. I collected myself and took her to the doc, when they declared her departed!
You cannot imagine this. May be you can, but you can never feel this, the way i do.

Now if a rally on Jantar-Mantar can stop this, lets rally together. if debating over it calls it off , lets debate for ages. but till when.
Damage is done. Days pass and you forget about me. There will be another Nirbhaya, another Sangeeta just like today . There will be many! I just hope she wont be any  of your sister, friend or mother.

Now what do you find more upsetting? Getting raped ?or HIDING IT forth? Not even complaining about those assailant dicks who does not think of a woman
beyond breasts and a vagina. WHAT IS MORE UPSETTING? Tell me?