A Belief so Blindfolded !

At dusk I pen down these thoughts.

Wondering why I believe what I can’t see

Why I deny what I indeed feel.

These godmen proclaiming ‘messengers of lord’

exert rape as soul purification

spreading love as molestation

Should I search for you in the Gita, the Bible or the Quran

In the words of Godmen, or deep down in my heart.

And question you, Oh God! now where you are?

How do I seek, what I don’t know

How do I make peace if I can never know

How do I pray if you don’t exist

How do I not break if the tunnel ends in only more darkness

We appeal peace, by condemning violence

We appeal love, by unfurling hatred

we demand GOD, by treasuring DEMON

faith and foolishness,

so hand in hand

a Belief so Blindfolded,

needs a stand

These MSG or any godmen how do i blame,

Dear Lord, the universe has put you in shame.

and here i afraid,

We can never be one nation, divided by many gods!!

With Love



One Another Nirbhaya!!

What more upsetting?

Or after Silence?

How are we going to deal with another rape? With another molestation . A walk with some candles? Or a debate on a reputed news channel ?
Tell me How? Look around , a girl you know today might be one such Nirbhaya tomorrow.
Till when would i constantly be asked to cover the naked part of my bare body. Till when i’d keep a check of your staring eyes on my body.
‘Don’t go out, its too late,, don’t wear skimps, it’s not safe’ till when am i going to listen to all this?


I am NIRBHAYA (A person who doesn’t fear).
A women has a capacity to produce another life out of her Vagina. Your dick can’t hurt her! Do you even know what rape is? it ain’t physical ! had it been , it would have been easy! , its soul intense. Because it shut me. it shut my mind. it shut my soul.
I couldn’t look anyone straight in the eye, I was scared moving alone anywhere, I felt dirty hands over my breast almost every time.
Till yesterday i was happily married wife ,a mother of  a beautiful angel and today i am a another raped women who’s just being talked about. My beautiful princess who ‘was’ no elder than 7 months. What did she do? Voice of her laughter is now replaced with screams of helplessness
At first i didn’t even speak about it. When i did , it worsen. They asked me to keep shut. else the stereotypical society will look at me with a different eye.
No one will bother the hurt, but they will bother about the clothes i was wearing, or what made me roam outside midnight as if it was my fault.
This time they killed my daughter too. I collected myself and took her to the doc, when they declared her departed!
You cannot imagine this. May be you can, but you can never feel this, the way i do.

Now if a rally on Jantar-Mantar can stop this, lets rally together. if debating over it calls it off , lets debate for ages. but till when.
Damage is done. Days pass and you forget about me. There will be another Nirbhaya, another Sangeeta just like today . There will be many! I just hope she wont be any  of your sister, friend or mother.

Now what do you find more upsetting? Getting raped ?or HIDING IT forth? Not even complaining about those assailant dicks who does not think of a woman
beyond breasts and a vagina. WHAT IS MORE UPSETTING? Tell me?




Oh! Imperfections..

I’m weird, sometimes intimidating,

Other day I’m Sun, so radiating

I’m dream, I’m desire

Calm as  water, fiery as fire

I may be mistakenly correct or correctly imperfect!


I’m a hopeless laughter, a glitch tear,

A thing of beauty, a thing of fear

I’m an imperfection, I’m real and raw,

A half kept promise, I’m a solemn vow


I’m ogled at, I’m stared,

I’m mostly a burden, rarely cared

When I pen my heart down, I’m a poem,

A Work of art, a body with a throbbing heart


I’m moon, I’m eclipse

As deep as your thoughts, I’m an abyss

I’m a hero, I’m a warrior,

When I survive an odd, an entangled barrier


I’m an unnamed bond, I’m a story unsaid

I’m a last chapter, I’m a book unread

I can’t be measured in words, Don’t even try and read me

I’m mad, I’m sane, I’m whoever I want to be

I may be mistakenly correct or correctly imperfect..


With love

~ J.T



My first solo trip!

Tired of the daily work schedule and fascinated by the solo tales, the girl with heels decided to pack her bag and moved ahead to her first .Trust me, this title sounds way too romantic than the reality.

Smittened by the sheer whimsicalness of the idea, I decided to go on a SOLOTRIP to any god forsaken place that fit my budget. Being a woman who never stepped out without heels on her foot and plan on her head, this trip was beyond my comfort zone! They say unplanned is sometimes the most happening plan ,they say it right. Thursday night, while I packed my bag and boarded a red bus to Dharamshala at 10 evening, it took me almost 12 hours to juggle with thoughts of anxiety, excitement and what if’s.


Years ago, I had come here before and Where everything else had changed the city felt just same. Warm, embracing and Alluring . Kay Nang Gi Ma ray (You’re welcome) said the hotel owner where I had thought to dig in. He asked me if I am alone and made sure I felt safe and comfortable.

In my very first day I had decided to explore Thai food, native lanes, Bhagsu falls and Shiva Cafe! Well, that was the beginning of an extremely interesting day in Mcleodganj.What ensued was a long, almost a never ending night of enlightenment. The white waters of Bhagsu were peace to the soul. The view was no less than those landscapes drawn in art workbooks. A Mesmerizing eternal white trail coming from great green ranges. In no time I decide to dip in the waters that made everyone else believe if I am psychopath. It was 3-4 degrees and water was near to freezing. I gathered myself to move ahead .Who by the way hasn’t heard of the cult called Shiva Cafe, to be honest?  The hippie culture of the small hamlet called Mcleo has made Shiva café synonymous to the place. A visit to the hills can never be accomplished without a session in the lap of Shiva! A place to soothe the wrench of your veins and attain a temporary state of NIRVANA.

The very next morning I started my trek to Triund which brought with it some fresh air and green valleys. I breathed deep. First few miles went okay until my foot stumbled over a stone and I fell down! But hey! Joy of standing up enthrills only when you fall down, that’s LIFE! It took me around 4-5 hours to reach TRIUND, the beauty so BREATHTAKING! Perfectly capped snow peaks that stood bold and high, and clouds walking down besides you, I have always been romanticizing such view in my life and it was a dream come true! Beyond the hustle bustle of the capital and daily workloads of 9-5 , that place just felt HEAVEN!

I was thinking to get down till Diana turned up to me. Well the best part about travelling is you meet new people, share experiences, make friends, know more and grow more! A fine Blue camp pitched at the slope caught our eye and we settled our stuff there! In no time walking clouds turned into twinkling stars and trust me stars never felt this closer. Two Italian (Chris and Leena ) accompanied us to the bonfire which later got resided with almost everyone .Camp had served us dal and rice with some pahadi pickle.That night, that particular night amidst all the talking, gossipings, music around I felt indifferent about myself. The only time in life that changed me, for better! I knew I was  probably never gonna meet them again but journey of life is all about being demotional and living that moment to its best and let Universe do the plannings!untitled


Morning 06 am sun had painted the sky with alluring colors and it felt warm to the skin. Post an hour I started to move downhill and took me 4 hours to got down. Meanwhile I had found my way to German bakery that served the best apple pie and mud cakes ever. I boarded my bus back to city and got into my daily schedule like before but something about it was changed, and that was ME!

With love


Fairytale Fever 5.0



There’s no prince charming dear girl,

or boy if you are waiting for your Cinderella to show up, it aint happening ! Uh-Neah!

Grew up reading romance? I know the feels. How Harley met jocker and Simran loved Raj!

Sadly life’s beyond one perfect fairytale. Real, on your toes, and kickass!!

Those stupid romantic movies made us fall head over heels. And yes, we do imagine having our fairytale and a happy ending.

Last time I kissed a frog to get my Prince turned me up a jaw tooth infection only (PUN INTENDED)

But hey! Why not make a magic today instead?

I will wait for my ‘soulmate’?

Wrong Wrong Wrong!!

I know somewhere someone’s waiting for me too

Hello? Do you hear yourself?

Life’d have been like fancy tail had Mr Johar directed it too but sadly or gladly ,

Who directs? We!

Living in a world full of lies white and dark,

Lies of forever and mister and miss perfect!

Ain’t nobody is perfect, first of all!

Second, Why wait?

Why wait for somebody else to pamper you?

Love you? So you feel complete?

I’m complete in my own, is there any space left for another human being?

May be? May be not!

But hey, hey hey!

Stop It okay?

That ‘you deserve a better’ and ‘he’s not worth it’ after a heartbreak.

Aren’t they just a way of escape?

Consoling yourself that better is ahead, lie again!

There’s no better or worse my friend,

There’s just you, whom you can make.

Better , worse or the best,

You choose cause it’s you and it’ll always be you in the end.

Stop waiting, start doing!

All the things you thought you’d do together, All those dreams you dreamt!

Trust in your own magic of madness

Cause it’s now or never, you might not get your forever!

Depending on someone else for your happiness is stupid, you hear?

Oh boy, I am so done with this fairytale fever!


With Love

~ JT 

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Who ‘You’ Are ?!

Before writing up this piece, I would like to ask Have you ever wondered who you are & why you are that ?! Ever thought had not this, what else would you be ?!

Honey, Ain’t you more than an overfilled glass of responsibilities? or may be more than a struggled breath? Are you not more than a 9-5 ? More than an encumbered thought? Or a restrained mess !?

You my love is more than who you think you ARE !

This reminds me of girl ,Dr. Miara, A beautiful soul who was born with a dream in her eyes! Dream to be a Dancer! Hopes and aspirations of her parents made one doctor and scotched a dream of a born dancer. Later she got married! Things magnified as she was now a gentle wife, good daughter in law and a hurry up cook ! Finally Miara became a mother. While treating her patients, thoughts to change her daughter’s dippers to dinner menu’s often struggled her mind. Now Miara is a successful daughter ,wife & mother but did anyone bother about What Miara always wanted to be.

No! I tell you why, because Miara didn’t bother about herself. Sometimes we entangle ourselves in a shell and forget our own souls. Like Miara ,there are various cricketers, singers, painters who died an anonymous death!

We are running a race today to create a magnanimous tomorrow and tomorrow is an uncertainity! we are running a race against our own selves and our own desires, desires we aren’t even acquainted with.

My Dear Reader, just sitback and Relax ! for life is not a race but a beautiful journey. At times it is okay to be alone, to spend time with our selves, to travel solo , to act weird, to look at a window side with a glass of wine and wonder what are we upto . You might continue with the same things as you have been doing, but then you wouldn’t be the same person anymore and that my dear would change everything.

With love,