Oh! Imperfections..

I’m weird, sometimes intimidating,

Other day I’m Sun, so radiating

I’m dream, I’m desire

Calm as  water, fiery as fire

I may be mistakenly correct or correctly imperfect!


I’m a hopeless laughter, a glitch tear,

A thing of beauty, a thing of fear

I’m an imperfection, I’m real and raw,

A half kept promise, I’m a solemn vow


I’m ogled at, I’m stared,

I’m mostly a burden, rarely cared

When I pen my heart down, I’m a poem,

A Work of art, a body with a throbbing heart


I’m moon, I’m eclipse

As deep as your thoughts, I’m an abyss

I’m a hero, I’m a warrior,

When I survive an odd, an entangled barrier


I’m an unnamed bond, I’m a story unsaid

I’m a last chapter, I’m a book unread

I can’t be measured in words, Don’t even try and read me

I’m mad, I’m sane, I’m whoever I want to be

I may be mistakenly correct or correctly imperfect..


With love

~ J.T