A Belief so Blindfolded !

At dusk I pen down these thoughts.

Wondering why I believe what I can’t see

Why I deny what I indeed feel.

These godmen proclaiming ‘messengers of lord’

exert rape as soul purification

spreading love as molestation

Should I search for you in the Gita, the Bible or the Quran

In the words of Godmen, or deep down in my heart.

And question you, Oh God! now where you are?

How do I seek, what I don’t know

How do I make peace if I can never know

How do I pray if you don’t exist

How do I not break if the tunnel ends in only more darkness

We appeal peace, by condemning violence

We appeal love, by unfurling hatred

we demand GOD, by treasuring DEMON

faith and foolishness,

so hand in hand

a Belief so Blindfolded,

needs a stand

These MSG or any godmen how do i blame,

Dear Lord, the universe has put you in shame.

and here i afraid,

We can never be one nation, divided by many gods!!

With Love



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