Fairytale Fever 5.0



There’s no prince charming dear girl,

or boy if you are waiting for your Cinderella to show up, it aint happening ! Uh-Neah!

Grew up reading romance? I know the feels. How Harley met jocker and Simran loved Raj!

Sadly life’s beyond one perfect fairytale. Real, on your toes, and kickass!!

Those stupid romantic movies made us fall head over heels. And yes, we do imagine having our fairytale and a happy ending.

Last time I kissed a frog to get my Prince turned me up a jaw tooth infection only (PUN INTENDED)

But hey! Why not make a magic today instead?

I will wait for my ‘soulmate’?

Wrong Wrong Wrong!!

I know somewhere someone’s waiting for me too

Hello? Do you hear yourself?

Life’d have been like fancy tail had Mr Johar directed it too but sadly or gladly ,

Who directs? We!

Living in a world full of lies white and dark,

Lies of forever and mister and miss perfect!

Ain’t nobody is perfect, first of all!

Second, Why wait?

Why wait for somebody else to pamper you?

Love you? So you feel complete?

I’m complete in my own, is there any space left for another human being?

May be? May be not!

But hey, hey hey!

Stop It okay?

That ‘you deserve a better’ and ‘he’s not worth it’ after a heartbreak.

Aren’t they just a way of escape?

Consoling yourself that better is ahead, lie again!

There’s no better or worse my friend,

There’s just you, whom you can make.

Better , worse or the best,

You choose cause it’s you and it’ll always be you in the end.

Stop waiting, start doing!

All the things you thought you’d do together, All those dreams you dreamt!

Trust in your own magic of madness

Cause it’s now or never, you might not get your forever!

Depending on someone else for your happiness is stupid, you hear?

Oh boy, I am so done with this fairytale fever!


With Love

~ JT 


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