The mistaken Feminism!

The mistaken Feminism!

Since long when I was tossing a coin to actually decide the right time to write on my favourite topic ever! The ‘mistaken’ Feminism! Countless discussions on gender equality OR debating the true meaning of misogyny OR whether feminism is misused OR ‘Free the nipple’ campaign OR whether OR not men can be feminist, all that are ever discussed about feminism are its said snags!

So, Mainstream “Feminism” has done wonders for us as people refuse to call themselves “feminists” anymore. Do you think it has something to do with the fact that now people equate feminism with not shaping your brows or shaving your legs or keeping bra-less? Or just the term sounds unattractive in itself? It does, if you ask me. But now being called a “feminist’’ has emerged as ‘demonizing men’ and not uplifting women. Seizing a seat in metro or expecting him to pay for a dinner date or moving out braless is aimless feminism. This latest brand new Feminism is so mistaken by women who doesn’t have their priorities straight.


According to my research, Feminism started originally as a movement in the late 19th century to fight against domestic violence, sexual harassment, right to education right to health and contraceptive pill, freedom of choice and a lack of job opportunities. Original “feminism” was fought to ensure a better and widely different quality of life for the female population as they were behind. And, now mainstream feminism has taken away all the attention from real issues.

Women now use “Mistaken Feminism” as per their convenience and to be rewarded highly than men. It has turned into a never-ending blame game between sexes. We do need feminism but to change outlook of society where Rape, Molestation, Domestic violence and Acid Attacks are not acceptable (in cases of Men too). But we don’t need feminism because the boy held open the door or if he accidentally calls a girl by a women!

It’s about having the freedom to be exactly who you want to be, even if you haven’t figured out what that is yet. And, Men are anything but supporters. Why wouldn’t they want well-educated and level-headed women in their lives? They all do. Because it’s not about defying the system or breaking a tradition. And it’s definitely not about leg hair or tint of makeup.

P.S “Mistaken Feminazi” is so Farzi !


With Love

~ J.T


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