10 things what she says and NEVER mean!

On going through a lazy Sunday night, I thought to spice it with a lil Drama.. Girls-They say we are a mystery unsolved and here are the facts that each guy can definitely relate to!


1-      Leave me alone,I need time!

What guys think – she needs her space

What she ‘actually’ means-We need to talk! Space? Go join NASA Grrrrrrrrrr ! You try not calling for     more than 2 mins and I will show you the hardest time of your life in a minute! I dare you !

2-      Am I looking Fat ?

What guys think – She seems to be interested in my opinion

What she ‘actually’ means – Options be like No, Not at all, of course Not! No matter what, I want you to tell me I am hottest girl you ever know and remember, None other choice, do you have!!

3-      What’s the date today, honey!

What guys think – 17th December baby

What she ‘actually’ means – It’s not a question but a REMINDER, that you are DEAD!Unbelievable now you don’t remember the day you gave me your 1st hankerchief ! And course why would you, after all I am too old for you now!

4-      We need to talk!!!!!!


What guys think – let’s talk babe!

What she ‘actually’ means – Wear your steel helmets on! It’s time to get your filthy nose punched and definitely not talking! It is a red alert that you have done something immensely ungrateful and now don’t piss me off with more talking!

 5-      Isn’t she beautiful ?

What guys think – She likes my friend! How cool

What she ‘actually’ means – Not that I like any of your friend, but I can see she’s a bitch! She is gonna snap on like real soon and then don’t blame me if I screw the hell outa you! Better Maintain distance and do it soon!

 6-      Let’s stay at home only!

What guys think – Wow! Finally she agreed !

What she ‘actually’ means – You are an awfully mean person who doesn’t bother about

me .Had your friends planned out, you’d have gone out happily!but NOT when I feel like! i want to hit your lazy ass hard! Its not WORKING!!

7-      You aren’t as cute as you think you are!

What guys think – she probably has better options 😦

What she ‘actually’ means -you are the most handsome guy in my eyes, I love you and want to make babies with you dumbo!

8-      Do what you feel like!

What guys think – How understanding, I think she trust me finally!

What she ‘actually’ means –  No more hugs, kisses, pamperings for a week, you anyway don’t listen to me as if I don’t exist. Please go to hell!

9-      I think you are ‘right’

What guys think – she agrees with me!

What she ‘actually’ means – You like stars? Yeah right , lemme show you in daytime!!

10-   I hate you

What guys think – She hates me

What she ‘actually’ means –  I hate you like I love you! No matter how big jerk you become. Beyond all your nags and tantrums , I’d still love you to the moon and back!


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