Yes! I’m a Delhi Girl!

Fearless, fast and fabulous. That’s what i mean when I say ‘Delhi Girl’ . But what do you think? What do people think?

When they say ‘Delhi GIRL’ Am I not presumed to have been on alcohol, drugs? Am I not supposed to abuse a lot ,to be perky, skinny and high maintenance. Am I not assumed to have a multiple boyfriends, And what NOT!? It’s not us, It is you! The Fright of the eyes who gaze constantly when we travel late makes us stronger, the voice of the biker who often mock, makes us bolder. The concern of a dad who is terribly scared till his daughter reach home safe has makes us responsible.

Boldness to me, could be blonde to you! Sexy to me, could be sluttish to you. Frankness to me ,could be promiscuous to you, independence to me could be rebellious to you, tranquility to me could be arrogance to you.Vogiush to me, could be exposing to you! But that is to YOU ! Not to me. Not to us. Not to any Dili- wali who is stereotyped with an ease! Oh Are you from Delhi ?OMG ! You must be ‘extra’ outgoing, ‘extra’ quick! What is this ‘extra’? Dude do you mean , extra bitch?!



Do you know what it actually takes to be a Delhi girl ?

Shorter the dress, bigger the mess!

 We are living in an awful 21st century that doesn’t empower us to wear what feel   like,  what we can adore. You try wearing  skimps late evening in Delhi, and people on road will stare you like they’ve got you voted for Donald Trump!


Life in a Metro!


No offense to gender equality but we are expected to fit in one coach which is ringed by a hundred gaze all around. Dude! Will you stop staring .Not just the odd hours, even during day, eve-teasing is v common thing here. And NO! clothes ain’t to be blamed. Fully Clad girls are poked too!


Being torn between a rich spoilt brat and typical Sarojini girl.

There are two kinds of Delhi girl, says everyone. One being the rich kids, second the sarojini girls. But not everyone fits in the category.It could be a sleepy girl in metro, or a lil kid leading the parade, it could be your bank manager or could be an entrepreneur. We don’t fit in any particular type!


Travelling alone is never easy

With such long distances, travelling is an obvio! Does late night travelling frighten the shit out of you? Have you experienced one drunk biker following you at midnight ? Have you ever felt an arm on your shoulder in an over crowded metro. It takes a lot to be a Delhi Girl, honey !!


There is a fight, we face Daily! A fight to be safe, to not chased, to not looked at! When we carry a pepper spray In our bag, we become our hero and I wonder why nobody stereotype this!

~ With Love,




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