An irony behind ‘UNITY IN DIVERSTY’

United we stand, but I wonder how divided we are. Diversely we gather, however how bifurcated we are! Not much often that I indulge my head in ardent racism or regionalism , but humanity has no cast and democracy belongs to no sex. We live in a nation which is one fine example of coexistence of people of diverse cast, religions and languages and I realized the ironic truth about it over a cup of coffee with a north eastern friend. Racism, on the entire globe has not been vanished, it has simply repackaged !!High time it is to understand that Black and white are no colors of humanity as Red is the only color flows in veins, deep down !

Welcome to India, We are a multilingual state with 1500 languages, 6 diverse culture ,a nuclear program under our ambit, and a mars mission in our checklist, but when somebody ask us the texture of our skin tone, we abruptly say WHITE !recently I faced a question, what cream do you apply to look fair?One of those moments when you don’t know how to react ?when you don’t know should you take it as compliment or argue over racists comment in public!

Are you Male/Female or ‘OTHER’ ?

My nerves got fitched to hear a story where an individual is trying to mimic a different sex altogether, for a good 21 years .What for? Is it the society? our own families? or the nation that pretends to support trans-genderism but trolls about it quite often .This is not a race of caste, religion color or sex, but a race against Humanity! Any human being is free to have an expression. Free to explore his sexuality. Social pressure can let you fake your identity , Jesus! Gender faking is a big NO!

Indian or north-eastern Indian ?

On my recent trip to mcleo, I realized a lot of north Indians are being victimized, many committed suicide when they could not take this humiliation any longer in our society that on one side supports gender equality and on the other strikes hypocrisy. Racism seem to have associated with the westerners . Its not just about a white women who refuse to sit with a black, in a British airways but to every act that we humans commit towards other races.

This segregated behavior towards BGLT (Bi, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender) , lower caste, dusky skins is deeply ignored by other communities. Instead of bridging the cultural gap with humanity, tolerance and respect, atrocity tends to surface. But the question is, what can we do a about it? Would writing a blog would do? Would breaking glasses would do ?Would striking about it do ? but a WHY can do a lot !Why do ‘i’ face atrocities? why am ‘i’ not accepted ?Why am ‘i’ treated way inferior than other Indian. To have the answer, one must raise a why , for silence is not always a solution . Till the time we move hand in hand beyond the realms of religion ,cast ,tradition and language, we will  never be able to step forward to a ‘developed nation’. IT’S MORE IMPORTANT TO BE AN INDIAN THAN TO BE A WALKING RELIGION AND ITS EQUALLY MORE IMPORTANT TO BE A HUMAN THAN TO BE AN INDIAN!

~With love,








  1. Soooo true sis..proud of Ur thoughts .. thoughts that all of us somewhere know bt selbom be practice them in real life .
    We are modern yet premitive as per our own comfort .

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