A little bit of pixie dust

What’s your ‘kind’ of happiness?

In a sudden compliment by a stranger that just made your day or in a long conversation with whom you love or may be in a warm hug by a dear friend or in an old vintage photograph in your phone, in sudden rain or in swift of favourite song played on radio,  what is your kind of happiness.?

Joy weighed UPON small thing is way too real, pure and exuberant !

Where we look at?

Ironic, yet true we keep boggling our kind of happiness in overrated things. you might draw lesser salary than your age mate, you might just had your heart broken, you might live faraway from your family, so what ? Honey, Glee is flawless , it’seffortless ! It could be in dad’s eyes who saw their child on stage for the very first time , In an old school pair of sock you found out of nowhere, in a good morning kiss by your lover, or in that extra scoop of ice cream that you sometimes get, sudden laughter on a cracked PJ , or in that smile of roadside tramp you gifted a toffee to?

We wish. We hope. We expect. We tend to get hurt. We wish more . we hope again we get more hurt. We break. We grow. We constantly chase! Just hold on and  appreciate what we have and for one second imagine our life without it, let’s feel lucky and flaunt our different shades of smile ( somebody told me I have ‘types’ of smile, do you have ?) and then keep moving with wisher cycle of life like we were , but with a content of what you already have. Don’t stop wishing, just stop expecting.

What should we do ?

Get aware about yourself ,know what you want, dream about it, feel that struggle to achieve that dream, and fear real well inside. know yourself better and live your life with a ‘purpose’, PURPOSE THAT DEFINES A LIFE NOT A DAY. Try ,fail and continue anyway !stand up and fall and fall again! Feel peace and discomfort, discomfort to remind yourself that its not finished, you are on your way and find peace .again. Keep going but with cheeks wide open ! yes you look phenomenal like this !:)

Whenever you feel low, don’t loose hope,

Do not slow

Done be afraid, stand by that hope,

Hold that ray

Even if you desert, do not shatter,

Take more chances, vim and vagor

They say: all it takes is faith and trust,

A little bit of pixie dust.


With love






  1. Your writing is quite riveting and captivating!!
    I ain’t so fond of reading; however, reading your blogs was quite an effortless job for me! Keep blogging and you may convert some people like me into voracious readers!
    Wishing u all the good luck! (Y)

    Liked by 1 person

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