Yes! I’m a Delhi Girl!

Fearless, fast and fabulous. That’s what i mean when I say ‘Delhi Girl’ . But what do you think? What do people think?

When they say ‘Delhi GIRL’ Am I not presumed to have been on alcohol, drugs? Am I not supposed to abuse a lot ,to be perky, skinny and high maintenance. Am I not assumed to have a multiple boyfriends, And what NOT!? It’s not us, It is you! The Fright of the eyes who gaze constantly when we travel late makes us stronger, the voice of the biker who often mock, makes us bolder. The concern of a dad who is terribly scared till his daughter reach home safe has makes us responsible.

Boldness to me, could be blonde to you! Sexy to me, could be sluttish to you. Frankness to me ,could be promiscuous to you, independence to me could be rebellious to you, tranquility to me could be arrogance to you.Vogiush to me, could be exposing to you! But that is to YOU ! Not to me. Not to us. Not to any Dili- wali who is stereotyped with an ease! Oh Are you from Delhi ?OMG ! You must be ‘extra’ outgoing, ‘extra’ quick! What is this ‘extra’? Dude do you mean , extra bitch?!



Do you know what it actually takes to be a Delhi girl ?

Shorter the dress, bigger the mess!

 We are living in an awful 21st century that doesn’t empower us to wear what feel   like,  what we can adore. You try wearing  skimps late evening in Delhi, and people on road will stare you like they’ve got you voted for Donald Trump!


Life in a Metro!


No offense to gender equality but we are expected to fit in one coach which is ringed by a hundred gaze all around. Dude! Will you stop staring .Not just the odd hours, even during day, eve-teasing is v common thing here. And NO! clothes ain’t to be blamed. Fully Clad girls are poked too!


Being torn between a rich spoilt brat and typical Sarojini girl.

There are two kinds of Delhi girl, says everyone. One being the rich kids, second the sarojini girls. But not everyone fits in the category.It could be a sleepy girl in metro, or a lil kid leading the parade, it could be your bank manager or could be an entrepreneur. We don’t fit in any particular type!


Travelling alone is never easy

With such long distances, travelling is an obvio! Does late night travelling frighten the shit out of you? Have you experienced one drunk biker following you at midnight ? Have you ever felt an arm on your shoulder in an over crowded metro. It takes a lot to be a Delhi Girl, honey !!


There is a fight, we face Daily! A fight to be safe, to not chased, to not looked at! When we carry a pepper spray In our bag, we become our hero and I wonder why nobody stereotype this!

~ With Love,



An irony behind ‘UNITY IN DIVERSTY’

United we stand, but I wonder how divided we are. Diversely we gather, however how bifurcated we are! Not much often that I indulge my head in ardent racism or regionalism , but humanity has no cast and democracy belongs to no sex. We live in a nation which is one fine example of coexistence of people of diverse cast, religions and languages and I realized the ironic truth about it over a cup of coffee with a north eastern friend. Racism, on the entire globe has not been vanished, it has simply repackaged !!High time it is to understand that Black and white are no colors of humanity as Red is the only color flows in veins, deep down !

Welcome to India, We are a multilingual state with 1500 languages, 6 diverse culture ,a nuclear program under our ambit, and a mars mission in our checklist, but when somebody ask us the texture of our skin tone, we abruptly say WHITE !recently I faced a question, what cream do you apply to look fair?One of those moments when you don’t know how to react ?when you don’t know should you take it as compliment or argue over racists comment in public!

Are you Male/Female or ‘OTHER’ ?

My nerves got fitched to hear a story where an individual is trying to mimic a different sex altogether, for a good 21 years .What for? Is it the society? our own families? or the nation that pretends to support trans-genderism but trolls about it quite often .This is not a race of caste, religion color or sex, but a race against Humanity! Any human being is free to have an expression. Free to explore his sexuality. Social pressure can let you fake your identity , Jesus! Gender faking is a big NO!

Indian or north-eastern Indian ?

On my recent trip to mcleo, I realized a lot of north Indians are being victimized, many committed suicide when they could not take this humiliation any longer in our society that on one side supports gender equality and on the other strikes hypocrisy. Racism seem to have associated with the westerners . Its not just about a white women who refuse to sit with a black, in a British airways but to every act that we humans commit towards other races.

This segregated behavior towards BGLT (Bi, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender) , lower caste, dusky skins is deeply ignored by other communities. Instead of bridging the cultural gap with humanity, tolerance and respect, atrocity tends to surface. But the question is, what can we do a about it? Would writing a blog would do? Would breaking glasses would do ?Would striking about it do ? but a WHY can do a lot !Why do ‘i’ face atrocities? why am ‘i’ not accepted ?Why am ‘i’ treated way inferior than other Indian. To have the answer, one must raise a why , for silence is not always a solution . Till the time we move hand in hand beyond the realms of religion ,cast ,tradition and language, we will  never be able to step forward to a ‘developed nation’. IT’S MORE IMPORTANT TO BE AN INDIAN THAN TO BE A WALKING RELIGION AND ITS EQUALLY MORE IMPORTANT TO BE A HUMAN THAN TO BE AN INDIAN!

~With love,






A little bit of pixie dust

What’s your ‘kind’ of happiness?

In a sudden compliment by a stranger that just made your day or in a long conversation with whom you love or may be in a warm hug by a dear friend or in an old vintage photograph in your phone, in sudden rain or in swift of favourite song played on radio,  what is your kind of happiness.?

Joy weighed UPON small thing is way too real, pure and exuberant !

Where we look at?

Ironic, yet true we keep boggling our kind of happiness in overrated things. you might draw lesser salary than your age mate, you might just had your heart broken, you might live faraway from your family, so what ? Honey, Glee is flawless , it’seffortless ! It could be in dad’s eyes who saw their child on stage for the very first time , In an old school pair of sock you found out of nowhere, in a good morning kiss by your lover, or in that extra scoop of ice cream that you sometimes get, sudden laughter on a cracked PJ , or in that smile of roadside tramp you gifted a toffee to?

We wish. We hope. We expect. We tend to get hurt. We wish more . we hope again we get more hurt. We break. We grow. We constantly chase! Just hold on and  appreciate what we have and for one second imagine our life without it, let’s feel lucky and flaunt our different shades of smile ( somebody told me I have ‘types’ of smile, do you have ?) and then keep moving with wisher cycle of life like we were , but with a content of what you already have. Don’t stop wishing, just stop expecting.

What should we do ?

Get aware about yourself ,know what you want, dream about it, feel that struggle to achieve that dream, and fear real well inside. know yourself better and live your life with a ‘purpose’, PURPOSE THAT DEFINES A LIFE NOT A DAY. Try ,fail and continue anyway !stand up and fall and fall again! Feel peace and discomfort, discomfort to remind yourself that its not finished, you are on your way and find peace .again. Keep going but with cheeks wide open ! yes you look phenomenal like this !:)

Whenever you feel low, don’t loose hope,

Do not slow

Done be afraid, stand by that hope,

Hold that ray

Even if you desert, do not shatter,

Take more chances, vim and vagor

They say: all it takes is faith and trust,

A little bit of pixie dust.


With love




Who ‘You’ Are ?!

Before writing up this piece, I would like to ask Have you ever wondered who you are & why you are that ?! Ever thought had not this, what else would you be ?!

Honey, Ain’t you more than an overfilled glass of responsibilities? or may be more than a struggled breath? Are you not more than a 9-5 ? More than an encumbered thought? Or a restrained mess !?

You my love is more than who you think you ARE !

This reminds me of girl ,Dr. Miara, A beautiful soul who was born with a dream in her eyes! Dream to be a Dancer! Hopes and aspirations of her parents made one doctor and scotched a dream of a born dancer. Later she got married! Things magnified as she was now a gentle wife, good daughter in law and a hurry up cook ! Finally Miara became a mother. While treating her patients, thoughts to change her daughter’s dippers to dinner menu’s often struggled her mind. Now Miara is a successful daughter ,wife & mother but did anyone bother about What Miara always wanted to be.

No! I tell you why, because Miara didn’t bother about herself. Sometimes we entangle ourselves in a shell and forget our own souls. Like Miara ,there are various cricketers, singers, painters who died an anonymous death!

We are running a race today to create a magnanimous tomorrow and tomorrow is an uncertainity! we are running a race against our own selves and our own desires, desires we aren’t even acquainted with.

My Dear Reader, just sitback and Relax ! for life is not a race but a beautiful journey. At times it is okay to be alone, to spend time with our selves, to travel solo , to act weird, to look at a window side with a glass of wine and wonder what are we upto . You might continue with the same things as you have been doing, but then you wouldn’t be the same person anymore and that my dear would change everything.

With love,











We all have different shades of us, there is always an inner self hidden in us that keeps us moving and inspiring.Blogging was never handpicked by was chosen by a girl inside.the girl i am going to tell you about!


There is a little girl in my mirror and she thought to recite a story, a story that will inspire each one of you, a story every ‘she’ can relate with, a story beyond just words and a story of LIFE.

She !

She who had a golden sight,

Who lived a dream where odds were right

She who always grew reading chapters,

Where trust was beyond five letters

and Half Truths were almost lies.

Lately she grew, now she finally knew

Like everything that shines isn’t gold,

Her myth was unreal, so frivolous, so cold

She deciphered the real art of hypocrisy,

Dream was over, drowned her ecstasy.

Quitely, she screamed, ran and cried

Torned and trembled with a hope so dead

Hey it’s not over, if there is no good in the end

An angel whispered to her, once said.

She wore a lipstick and thought to narrate

Battle of the TRUST and HOPE, written in her fate

She gathered the puzzle & flew up so high

She is now her HERO, the QUEEN of her LIFE!

                                             ~ J. T